Cheerful Software Manifesto

Hi. I’m Amy, advocate for cheerful software and unicorn-free tiny business. I think all designers, developers, and writers should make their own products. I make my own: Freckle time tracking, JavaScript Performance Rocks!. You might have seen the micro-site experiences I’ve designed, Twistori and Every Time Zone.

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Here’s the manifesto, in progress:

Big stones:

  • Beauty is as crucial to human happiness as function
  • By doing great things, we invite & give permission for the people around us to do great things
  • There is no such thing as “business ethics,” there is only “ethics,” full stop.

Medium stones:

  • Software can be uplifting
  • Software can be cheerful and beautiful (even business software!)
  • Software should help you grow, not just do what you expect it to do


  • Openness
  • Empathy
  • Joy
  • Stewardship